Major 8’13 Rock Tonal Earphone Review by Earmass


I love Chord & Major audio products, this is not a secret anymore if you have followed my review website all this while. In my honest opinion they are really good and intuitive, not only each of the model that they made had a purpose themselves, for example their Major 7’13 Jazz is made for jazz music and the 9’13 Classical is tailored for classical musics.

「 8’13 Rock is naturally rich in tone and quite neutral and balanced. I am surprised that it is not as forward sounding as I thought it will be, it is a bit forward rather than being absolutely flat. The bass itself is still engaging and give good sense of impact and thumping, but is still not something that I will say not balanced, the bass itself is a nice treat, to be honest, who do not like bass? The quantity and quality is definitely there and something that I will describe as healthy in between of quantity and quality. Mid is nice and most of the vocal itself is very good, with sense of natural. 」

「 While 8’13 is a neutral and balanced with some forward pace in the music, the pace is not extremely fast (It is the fastest in this lineup however) for rock music, it is not slow though, but I am expecting it to be extremely in fast pace but I am not worrying about this, the thumping bass has scored highly for itself. 」

「 Bass is not fat but it the thumping factor is good, generally with enough fun of impaction. Personally I prefer using 8’13 Rock for wide genre of music and I think that 8’13 Rock is a genre master among its siblings. 8’13 Rock is okay for almost every genre of music, just not being good for some musics like classical and jazz, but for vocal or those mainstream music, I think 8’13 Rock is a capable performer here, clarity is always nice and transparent. Vocal itself is full with energy.」


Chord & Major 8’13 Rock is a very capable IEM. The best part is the rock music lovers can found their lover now and for those who is not in love with rock musics, 8’13 Rock is also a nice choice for daily basis usage. I am recommending this IEM to you if rock is your main music and you are listening to mainstream music as well.

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*Input the run-in percentage
歡迎使用「Chord & Major 全頻煲機程式」

Welcome to Chord & Major Full Frequency Run-In Program
The whole progress is around 60 minutes, please go through the following steps:

1.Connect the earphone and the audio device.
2.Set the volume at 100% on device.
3.Press “START” to begin with the Run-in program.
Not recommend to listen to the music through earphone during running this program due to the high volume setting and frequency changes.


Step 1: Linear-Drive


Frequency: 0Hz ~ 45kHz
Time: 20 mins

This step is to do a basic warm-up for the earphone and let it play through all frequencies gradually to perform a better drive flexibility.


Step 2: Dynamic Response


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 10 mins

Through the frequent dynamic responses to highly congress the burn-in progress for maximising the functions.


Step 3: Full Frequency Ease-up


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 30 mins

Begin to ease-up the earphone for remaining the ductility and stabilise the driver.

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