Interview of Guitarist MASATO with Rock Tonal Earphone Major8’13

MASATO, the Guitarist of Defspiral in Japan, who has been performing with his passion for Rock music and persisting in guitar which has became his own charm on the stage.

The Visual Rock was originally from Europe and North America which is emerged in the late 80s in Japan that makes music listening experience not only limited in the sound but also the vision. The members of Visual Rock bands normally have eye-catching costumes and exaggerated make-up and hair style. It makes the live performance an entertaining show at its best.

To MASATO, the most important thing is to show the power of the music as a Rock band member.  Playing some tunes and shout it out on stage can make all his audiences high.  He also searches for new methods of performance to make all his audiences enjoy the most at Live music performances.

Instead of a glamour skills, MASATO delivers a strong and intensive sense of guitar with each solid note to his audiences. MASATO sees the Tonal Earphones which designed by Chord & Major for all kinds of music is an interesting renovation in the earphone industry as well as it’s a delightful product for all music and earphone fans.

The first time when MASATO used the Chord & Major Rock Tonal Earphone, he was impressed by the sound pressure released to his ears with power. Even though listening with a low volume still can feel the stereo effects as in the love performance.  In general, the sound balance is well designed hence it’s also suitable for listening to non-rock music with a good weight and comfortable wearing.

MASATO recommends the Rock Tonal Earphone to all the fans who loves the live performance.  It is the perfect pair of earphones expressing the charm of Rock music and upgrade any of your music listening experience with it.

*Input the run-in percentage
歡迎使用「Chord & Major 全頻煲機程式」

Welcome to Chord & Major Full Frequency Run-In Program
The whole progress is around 60 minutes, please go through the following steps:

1.Connect the earphone and the audio device.
2.Set the volume at 100% on device.
3.Press “START” to begin with the Run-in program.
Not recommend to listen to the music through earphone during running this program due to the high volume setting and frequency changes.


Step 1: Linear-Drive


Frequency: 0Hz ~ 45kHz
Time: 20 mins

This step is to do a basic warm-up for the earphone and let it play through all frequencies gradually to perform a better drive flexibility.


Step 2: Dynamic Response


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 10 mins

Through the frequent dynamic responses to highly congress the burn-in progress for maximising the functions.


Step 3: Full Frequency Ease-up


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 30 mins

Begin to ease-up the earphone for remaining the ductility and stabilise the driver.

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