2016 New Realease ! Major 01’16 Electronic Music TONAL EARPHONE

In 2016, after much anticipation, Chord & Major launched a new model, the Major 01’16 “Electronic Music Tonal Earphone”. This is the sixth tonal earphone in the range after Classical, Rock, Jazz, Ballad and World Music models.

After more than a year of research in related aspects of sound engineering, we have produced an earphone for Electronic Music which can be likened to the World Music model in the sense it captures the tonality inherent to the music it was designed for.  It is also finely tuned to deliver the subtle nuances in different ways that serve Electronic Music.


This new model of tonal earphone is named after the binary form 0 and 1, which symbolizes Electronic Music. The design of the earphones continue in the same style as the others, except in this model a lightweight carbon fiber ring is used to reduce weight. Other design details such an embossed mosaic and elements of Serialism impart characteristics representative of Electronic Music.


The accessories of this model have been upgraded to include a finely handcrafted wooden box finished in high quality lacquer. For those who will use the earphones for music production, a 6.3-inch gold plated adaptor has been included so that it can be used with digital electronic music equipment, making this an ideal tool for both professional and amateur musicians.

In terms of sound design and technology, the Major 01’16 incorporates dual dynamic drivers which deliver low and mid-high frequencies separately. As a result each note is crystal clear and the entirety of the performance is wonderfully defined.


Furthermore, the Major 01’16 generally performs more than other earphones as it has an excellent frequency range of 5 ~ 40 KHz. This allows for the subtile nuances contained in Electronic Music to be fully expressed, which includes the cut and sampled textures, sounds, scales and melodies used.

Based on the Interference Minima theory, the earphones have been equalized so the balance between certain frequencies is optimized to reduce interference, creating a beautifully articulated soundscape.

The Major 01’16 has a solid bass response, highlights different textures and has a crystal clear mid-range. It is sensitive and highly responsive, fully expressing the genius behind different types of electronic music ranging from EDM and TECHNO, to DUBSTEP, EXPERIMENTAL and other forms of ELECTRONICA.



*Input the run-in percentage
歡迎使用「Chord & Major 全頻煲機程式」

Welcome to Chord & Major Full Frequency Run-In Program
The whole progress is around 60 minutes, please go through the following steps:

1.Connect the earphone and the audio device.
2.Set the volume at 100% on device.
3.Press “START” to begin with the Run-in program.
Not recommend to listen to the music through earphone during running this program due to the high volume setting and frequency changes.


Step 1: Linear-Drive


Frequency: 0Hz ~ 45kHz
Time: 20 mins

This step is to do a basic warm-up for the earphone and let it play through all frequencies gradually to perform a better drive flexibility.


Step 2: Dynamic Response


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 10 mins

Through the frequent dynamic responses to highly congress the burn-in progress for maximising the functions.


Step 3: Full Frequency Ease-up


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 30 mins

Begin to ease-up the earphone for remaining the ductility and stabilise the driver.

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