Major 9’13 Classical Tonal Earphone Review by Earmass (English)


“Recently I am working on the review of Chord & Major’s Major series IEMs, you might have read my Major 7’13 Jazz and 8’13 before, you might also knew that how satisfied I am for the series, 7’13 Jazz is definitely very satisfying for jazz type of music which is slow and lazy, 8’13 Rock in another hands is tuned for rock music and get a good result upon my review, but outside of the review, my favourite IEM outside of the bunch and also all the IEMs that I have tested, my top pick will be the Chord & Major 9’13 Classical, I am eager to tell you why. ”

“Transient response of Major 9’13 Classical is something that is very seductive and special. At least out of the IEMs that I have reviewed here before, none of them give me such transient response as Major 9’13 give me, I am kind of addicted on the transient response of Major 9’13. ”

“Transient response is a crucial and important factor for classical music, transient response is how great your IEM/Headphone can handle the spirit of a performance. It is not the same like boosting bass nor treble, it is how great the ‘explosive’ effect it is in a performance, the ‘micro-movement’ and ‘explosion’ in music is essentially appreciated with an excellent transient response headphone/IEM/Speaker. Major 9’13 classical is one of those elite that has a respectable transient response. ”

“I am separating and keep emphasising about transient response of Major 9’13 because I really think that this is something very special and excellent in Major 9’13 Classical, I can definitely tell you that this is one of the strength of Major 9’13 Classical that I have found no competitor that can yelled at it, at least from IEM that I have tested, I am surprised how good and matured for a small IEM can be, but Major 9’13 Classical keep challenge my perception, it is really good.”

“I played some Piano based album from Beethoven, Mozart to Rachmaninoff (More that I can recall), the piano sounded weighty and with good sense of fullness. I am enjoying Piano tracks on it, after the pianos, I tested Major 9’13 with some Violin, cello and Double bass instruments, the details in string have been portrayed nicely in Major 9’13 Classical. For symphony and classical musics, the separation is good, Major 9’13 is not like some of the Iem that boost treble to give you sense of detailed, treble is definitely there but without the peak and harshness, details are presented in a polite way. I have never felt that Major 9’13 is lacking detail.”

“Soundstaging and imaging is good enough, close my eyes and I am impressed how spacious it is. The sound scape is not as opened as some but it is not as light tone as the rival as well, the tone is rich and 3 dimensionalities is nice. Chord & Major has really put some effort in their series. Tonal wise is really excellent for classical musics, it is in rich and wealthy tone, which might not sounded as airy as some of my higher end headphones, but this is not a bad thing though, there is a clear sense in every notes. ”



“Besides the good looks, I am happy to report that build quality and finishing is equally nice as well. Wood is crafted with smooth finishing and polished with a shiny, classy looks. The innovative ‘cable stress relief’ mechanism is here again, all of these come in a classic and luxurious wooden box, inside there you will get useful accessories such as a brush and 3 pairs of eartips. ”


“I can’t say much besides telling that if you love classical musics as I do, being tight on your budget lately, believe me Major 9’13 Classical will not go wrong afterall.”


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*Input the run-in percentage
歡迎使用「Chord & Major 全頻煲機程式」

Welcome to Chord & Major Full Frequency Run-In Program
The whole progress is around 60 minutes, please go through the following steps:

1.Connect the earphone and the audio device.
2.Set the volume at 100% on device.
3.Press “START” to begin with the Run-in program.
Not recommend to listen to the music through earphone during running this program due to the high volume setting and frequency changes.


Step 1: Linear-Drive


Frequency: 0Hz ~ 45kHz
Time: 20 mins

This step is to do a basic warm-up for the earphone and let it play through all frequencies gradually to perform a better drive flexibility.


Step 2: Dynamic Response


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 10 mins

Through the frequent dynamic responses to highly congress the burn-in progress for maximising the functions.


Step 3: Full Frequency Ease-up


Frequency: 0Hz~45kHz
Time: 30 mins

Begin to ease-up the earphone for remaining the ductility and stabilise the driver.

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